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This is a deep, moving and emotional short movie! I really love the way you do colours and get them to blend together, the background music and sound effects are all well put together. Great job on the voices and everything! Love.

Kolumbo responds:

it's, like, so deep, like, omg.

As a great YuGiOh player myself, I once reached the grand heights of quarter-finals in a local regional tournament qualifier, which means I didn't qualify, but I can say this animation accurately describes everything about the game. People yelling about what their card does and if you get a really big chain, combo effect, everyone is really impressed.

Great plot too, question though, is that really how gay men kiss? I didn't realise men headbutted each other when they kissed, I guess I have learnt that today! Voice acting was good, great hair styles. This is overall, very silly, but good fun. Great job.

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Wow, there is such potential with your art here, more questions and a bit of work on presentation, you could have a really good quiz on your hands! At the moment, it seems very rough and unfinished, but you can get there, keep trying!

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The Game of Thrones opening is one song that often gets stuck in my head, over and over. This 8-Bit version isn't any different, if someone really wanted, they could make an 8-Bit AGoT RPG or something using this. Great song, sounds very similar to the opening and very nice to listen to.

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Looks very simplistic, but at the same time, it has just the right amount of detail and shading to look good. I would say the lack of a background is something I'm not keen on with this, it would have, in my opinion, added a bit more feeling and depth to the picture if you had a background to show the situation the character was in. Bit I think all the colours work well and overall, everything pulls in nicely together, it's good!

But just how fun is Sonic to draw? Never given it a go to be honest, but I like this picture, it's very colourful and has a somewhat childish charm to it at the same time. I'm guessing this is sonic in mid-air, but it looks a bit like he is tripping out to me, because there is now floor! Unless he is tripping out, the mission accomplished!

Anyway, great work!

Wafflesmash responds:

I tried to make it look like he was being propelled by a spring. Thank you for pointing out the colors, I try to make my art look fun and colorful. I'm glad you like this.


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